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Blueberries Close Up
Beautiful weather for U-pick
June 22, 2018 --from Nathan Cline
We couldn't ask for better weather this week for picking berries. With cool temperatures right now it is the perfect time to come out and pick.
We are open from 7-noon and 5-7pm Monday - Friday for U-pick and are continuing to fill berry orders in the order they were received.
U-Pick Open
June 17, 2018 --from Nathan Cline
Berries have ripened so the U-Pick fields will be open for several days. We will update this message when needed if we get close to picking all the ripe berries.
We are continuing to fill orders in the order they were received. We will call you to let you know when we have your order ready to pick up. Thanks for your business.
U-pick open Friday, June 15th
June 14, 2018 --from Nathan Cline
We have about 6 rows left for upick in the morning, Friday the 15th, 4 total rows in the west field and a couple of rows in the north field. Once that is picked we will have to close for ripening for few days so come early to make sure you get some!
Open for U-Pick
June 13, 2018 --from Nathan Cline
We will be open for u-pick tomorrow morning Thursday the 14th. We are about half way through the west field (the blue Ray's). Once we finish that field we will likely have to close a couple of days for ripening.
June 11, 2018 --from Nathan Cline
Well last night we received over 375 gallons worth of orders. That is already more than we were able to fill last year. Not sure if the numbers will be up much this year over last year. If you don't already have your order in you might consider planning to come and pick your own. If you didn't get your order in last night you might consider hedging your bets with a pick your own trip. We will be filling orders as we can in the order they were received as they are picked. At this time we are unable fulfill orders that you told us the day you would pick them up we can only fill them in the order they were received. We will call you when they are available for pickup.
Opening Day!!
June 10, 2018 --from Nathan Cline
Opening day is Monday June 11th. U-pick hours of operation are 7 am - 12 pm and 5 pm - 7 pm Monday - Friday (while ripe berries are available). Price is $12.00 per gallon of blueberries. The weather has been good and the berries are of excellent quality. We have are now taking orders for pre-picked berries for $18.00 per gallon and will fill orders in the order that they are received. Please call and leave your order @ (870) 741-7121
June 2018 and Blue Berries Are Nigh
May 23, 2018 --from George Cline
I know many folks look forward to June and blueberries. Allow me to briefly review the Cline blueberry year. June 2017 ended with many customers without blueberries. A drought followed causing some damage. One hundred twenty 2 & 3 year old Duke and Legacy plants were planted in mid winter (early 2018). It will be 2 or 3 years before they produce. Existing planting survived 5 freeze events. With these freezes, Momma Nature inflicted minimal damage. Pea size berries are on every plant. A hail storm is now the most likely event to cause loss. So, monitor this site and Facebook diligently starting June 1. We will be monitoring the weather. Thank you for being a Cline Berry Farm customer.
Out of Berries - Season Over
June 22, 2017 --from Nathan Cline
Try as we might we were unable to pick even enough blueberries this year to fill even the orders that came in on the 5th of June. Unfortunately the late freeze took more of a toll than we thought and everything has been picked. We have filled all the orders that we are able to. We realize that many people didn't get berries this year. We ran out before we could put our full supply in the freezer as well. We will all feel the shortage this fall and winter. Thank you for your patronage and hopefully we will have a bumper crop next year to satisfy all demand.
U-Pick Closed
June 22, 2017 --from Nathan Cline
We had a full field this morning and they picked all of the available berries before 10:30 am. That is likely all of the berries that will be available for u-pick this year. Although there are a few red and green ones left the birds seem to get to them as they ripen up before we can. We are still picking our other field to continue filling our orders in the order they were received.
Open for U-Pick June 22nd
June 21, 2017 --from Nathan Cline
Open for u-pick Thursday morning the 22nd of June from 7-12 and 5-7 or while ripe berries are available.
U-Pick to re-open June 22nd @ 7 a.m.
June 20, 2017 --from Nathan Cline
After full examination of the picking fields we have determined that they need a couple more days of ripening. We will open the U-Pick fields again on the morning of Thursday, June 22nd at 7 am and remain open during regular hours 7 am-12 pm and 5-7 pm or until the ripe berries are picked. On June 15th we announced we could not fill any new orders. After studying picking records, examination of berry fields, and some guesstimates, we now believe that any orders filled after June 5th probably cannot be filled. We regret not being able to service all of our customers who want our blueberries. We shall continue filling orders in the sequence received until all berries are picked. The U-pick operation continues as before On Thursday June 22nd, 7-12 AM and 5-7 PM until all berries are picked. Thank you for your patronage.
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